Font de l'Oreneta

  • Viladrau, Font de l

Constructed in 1936 in homage to Guerau de Liost, pen name of Jaume Bofill i Mates. The initiative was promoted by Marià Manent and Ventura i Gassol, with the support of a large number of politicians, literati and great men from all over Catalonia. Above the spring, integrated into the beautiful surroundings and with an elegant perspective of the village, is a fine stele sculpted by Joan Rebull and, a few metres in front of it, carved into a stone, the verses that the poet dedicated to the old spring. Its structure and design are the work of Joan Mirambell, a recognised landscape gardener.

Jaume Bofill i Mates, poet, politician and journalist, is considered as one of the first orators of contemporary Catalonia. He converted Mas Rusquelles de Viladrau into a true refuge for avant-garde poets and literati.

As a politician, Jaume Bofill i Mates was the first to propose that Montseny should be declared a protected space.

As a writer, Guerau de Liost recreates the poetical images of Montseny, as “the Mountain of Amethysts” and of “the womenfolk of the water” like Paitides. Recognised as the great poet of Montseny

Distance: 10 minutes from Plaza Mayor square


Latitude: 41º50'40"
Longitude: 2º23'15"

E(X): 449164
N(Y): 4632674